miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014

Introducing new fish in the acuarium. Ecosystems

Yesterday the children of 4ºA could experience how to introduce and perform this process to get and add new tropical fish in our school tank.
The steps we did we did were the following:

  1.  Turn off the lights in the aquarium; bright light may disturb the new fish.
  2.  Float the bags containing the new fish in the aquarium. If they have travelled for more than 20 minutes then open the bags to allow air in. The sides of the bags can be rolled down to create a ‘floating rim’, keeping the bag upright.
  3. After about 15-20 minutes the temperature of the water in the bag should have equalised to that of the aquarium water.
  4. Before introucing the fish it’s neccessary to add two or three glasses of water into the plastic bag to balance the water levels into the plastic bags. Now the fish can have the similar conditions. The fish can now be gently released from the bag by slowly tipping into the aquarium.
  5. Leave the aquarium lights off for another few hours or for the rest of the day, in most cases the new fish will not need to be fed and may be unwilling to feed but it may be wise to feed the existing fish to divert their attentions away from the new fish.
We show you some of this process in the photos.

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